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Press Release for Immediate Release

The Virtual Public Art Project is pleased to announce Mirrored City, a new exhibition coinciding with the international conference Laval Virtual 2010.

Now on view hovering above the city of Laval, France, Mirrored City consists of ten block sections with simplified structures that reduce the city to it’s core elements. The 'city' spans roughly 1,300 ft. in width and length, covering over 1.7 million square feet of sky. Accompanying Mirrored City will be two of artist Christopher Manzione’s sculptures from the VPAP's inaugural show Symmetry and Growth. Manzione's sculptures will be placed within the (non-virtual) city of Laval. Mirrored City was conceived and created by Christian Meinhardt. For more information please visit

Past Press Releases

March 2010

The Virtual Public Art Project presents its inaugural exhibition, Symmetry and Growth, by U.S. artist Christopher Manzione. The exhibition of fourteen virtual sculptures that merge with their physical environments are featured in prominent public locations in eleven cities across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Symmetry and Growth proposes contrary systems of origins and growth to viewers who use their iPhone 3GS and Android phones to view the exhibition's virtual public sculptures.

The Virtual Public Art Project (VPAP) is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform founded in 2010 by Christopher Manzione for the public display of digital works of art. VPAP is the first mobile AR outdoor art experience ever, and maximizes public reception of AR art through compatibility with both iPhone 3GS and Android phones using the free Layar application. Following Symmetry and Growth, Manzione will curate an international group virtual public art exhibition for late 2010. For more information about VPAP and the virtual public sculptures in Symmetry and Growth, visit



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Laval Virtual 2010

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